Thai Fisherman Pants

Here you can buy a large selection of traditional, authentic Thai fisherman pants also known as Thai Fisherman Wrap pants. Most products are available in different colors and sizes so please klick on the “Select Options” button to find your favorite color.

Please be aware that the Extra Long Pants are custom made and are really for tall people. The model on the photo is 5’11” Male so you get an idea that the Extra Long Pants are maybe too long for standard body sizes. For 5’11” we would recommend L Size and if you are smaller maybe M is the right choice for you.

We offer fast, hassle free DHL Express Worldwide shipping 3-6 business days for all orders over $60.

All pants are guaranteed authentic made in Thailand from production communities we cultivate a long term relation for years so we can assure that that we support the right people.

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