Thai Fisherman Pants Spiral Print Large and Extra Large

Thai Fisherman Pants Spiral Print Large and Extra Large

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The pants comes in two flavors – large and extra large. The model on the photo is an about 6 feet male.

Size L: Waist: 54 (circumference unfolded) inches. Inseam: 21 inches. Total pants length: 41 inches.

Size Extra Large: Waist: 56 (circumference unfolded) inches. Inseam: 26 inches. Total pants length: 46 inches.

Who and how?

The spiral print fisherman pants are manufactured by a relatively new business that also does our Buddha pants product line and can be regarded as the inventor of the spiral print pants.

Over the last years the invented an impressive, large choice of products featuring spiritual and also religious patterns.

The pants are made of relatively heavy, sturdy cotton.

  • perfect for travel, sauna, spa massage, meditation
  • easy to wear
  • perfect casual pants
  • sturdy fabric
  • long lasting spiritual spiral print


What makes these pants great?

Thai Fisherman pants have a centuries long tradition in Thailand.

If you are interested in an in depth article about fisherman pants we warmly recommend to read Thai Fisherman Pants: An Owner’s Manual?

These pants are in two way interesting. First, you will love the bi-color approach with the contrasting waist. Second, the hand-paint style, large, spiral print on the leg.

The spiral is an archetype symbol for eternity in many cultures giving the pants that extra portion of meaningfulness and bohemian flair letting it stand out and going further than

the standard fishies.

Where do they fit?

Snug-fit hyper-relaxed for the unhurried ones would be my recommendation. Beaches, holiday but also meditation or yoga come to mind when looking at these pants maybe accompanying you on

your spiritual journey? Be it as a statement for freedom and comfort or if you want to express a spiritual affinity is to your liking. Anyways these pants attract attention as the spiral print

immediately catches the eye of the beholder.

For a small tutorial on how to wrap these pants please follow the link here.

Did you know

that the pants got their name because they were originally designed for thai fishermen and workers because due to their wide legs and movement freedom the pants are excellent

for the work on the small longtail boats that are still popular in Thailand.


Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


Black, Blue, Dark brown, Dark khaki, Dark orange, Olive green, Purple




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