Organic Thai Fisherman Pants Natural Dyes traditionally Handwoven

Organic Thai Fisherman Pants natural dyes made of Plant bases Indigo and Minerals. Please select your desired pattern from the color selection.

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Organic Handwoven Thai Fisherman Pants dyed with Natural Dyes

✅ Model on the photo is about 6 ft. tall male

Who and how?

These fisherman wrap around pants organic dyes are produced by Pi Aw in a small sustainable production community at the foot of the Chom Thong Hills in North Thailand.

We got to know Mrs Aw during our last trip through the wonderful mountains around west of Chiang Mai. She explained to every step of the production process in detail.

They use only natural, organic dyes and her efforts are driven by the wish to preserve these ancient techniques so they are not to be forgotten. Here business is usually specialized in producing traditional Thai costumes and their 4 Star OTOP award guarantees a certain quality standard which we did not doubt at any point. Pi Aw new all the different Thai fisherman pants seam styles from the top of her head.

The dyes are fixated with plant based glue so please wash them carefully and expect that they change their character over time. No artificial chemicals are used during the whole process making it extremely sustainable. The whole process is time consuming. The indigo dyes need about 3 days to be absorbed by the yarn. Later the yarns are woven in traditional looms by hand. Chom Thong is widely known for their weaving techniques and exceptional style.

You can find out more in that really in depth blog from Jeff here about Chom Thong Fabrics

You will get here a 100% unique product. We were lucky to convince Mrs. Pi Aw that she will produce these custom pants for us as we wanted to give our customers something truly special and on the other hand to support SMB-businesses in the poorer part of Thailand.

Here are some impressions from the production.

By buying these pants you directly contribute to the Chom Thong Productions community of Mrs. Aw and her staff securing there valuable jobs and preserving centuries old traditions.

What makes these pants great?

Thai Fisherman pants have a centuries long tradition in Thailand.

If you are interested in an in depth article about fisherman pants we warmly recommend to read Thai Fisherman Pants: An Owner’s Manual?

The pants secure an substantial income to the often disadvantaged ethnic minority groups in Thailand

Where do they fit?

These lazy chill out pants fit where loose fit is a must. Well known by backpackers, these pants are the perfect companion for your next beach holiday or try it out in your

yoga class and meditation practice.

You can find a small tutorial on how to tie a Thai wrap pants here.

Did you know

that the pants got their name because they were originally designed for thai fishermen and workers because due to their wide legs and movement freedom the pants are excellent

for the work on the small longtail boats that are still popular in Thailand.


Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


Indigo 4, Indigo 5, Stone 1, Stone 2, Stone 3, Stone 4, Stone 5, Stone 6


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