Men’s Thai Fisherman Pants Extra Long 10 colors


Thai Fisherman Pants extra long for men and tall women


Waist: 56 inches. Hips:56 inches; Pants length:48 inches; Inseam:27 inches. Perfect for body heights between 6 feet 1 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

Who and how?

These fisherman wrap around pants extra long are made by Mrs Lily and her staff by a small tailoring business in Bangkok’s infamous garment and clothes area around Pratunam market.

Her business is already in second generation guaranteeing lots of experience in manufacturing these type of pants.

The pants are made of standard cotton. Nothing fancy but just right with the properties most people love about these pants which are

  • lightweight – perfect for travel, sauna, spa massage, meditation
  • easy to wear
  • perfect casual pants
  • fast drying material
  • loved by and suitable for all generations


What makes these pants great?

Thai Fisherman pants have a centuries long tradition in Thailand.

If you are interested in an in depth article about fisherman pants we warmly recommend to read Thai Fisherman Pants: An Owner’s Manual?

Featuring the signature plain cotton this is the most original Thai fishy pants as it can get.

Where do they fit?

Warning – coziness overload. Yes these pants are one the most comfortable and versatile in the world maybe best described as “snug-fit“.

The pants guarantee the most relaxed days at the beach and recommended for homely lazy weekend chill out.

You can find a small tutorial on how to tie a Thai wrap pants here.

Did you know

that the pants got their name because they were originally designed for thai fishermen and workers because due to their wide legs and movement freedom the pants are excellent

for the work on the small longtail boats that are still popular in Thailand.


Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


Black, Blue, Brown, Cornflower Blue, Cream, Green, Grey, Khaki, White


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