Buddha Meditation Pants – Buddhist Symbols


Meditation Pants with various buddhist Symbols like the feet of Buddha, Om and Bhavacakra


The pants are unisex one size fits most but they fit best for taller women and males with a normal body stature. The model on the photo is an about 6 feet male.

The drawstring closure provides a flexible waist so you can always adjust it as tight as you want.

✅ Waist: 26-38 inches. Hips:40 inches; Pants length:40 inches; Inseam:14 inches. Made in Thailand

Who and how?

The Buddha Meditation pants are manufactured by a relatively new business which can be regarded as the inventor of the spiral print pants.

Over the last years the invented an impressive, large choice of products featuring spiritual and also religious patterns.

  • of course these pants are not only for meditation but are ….
  • perfect for occasions where loose fit is a must
  • comfortable to wear
  • perfect casual pants
  • sturdy cotton mix fabric
  • the prints are durable
  • adjustable leg straps

What makes these pants great?

The Buddha Pants have a strong bohemian hippie vibe combined with spirituality. The are made of a durable cotton mix fabric.

To deep, large side pockets give an extra safe space for your belongings.

The adjustable leg straps can let you wear these pants in two styles – full length and Capri pants style for the warmer days.

Where do they fit?

These Buddha meditation pants fit for an endless number of leisure activities be it parkour, free-running, skating and alike but they are also well suited for chill out, meditation, autogenic training to just name a few. The floral prints combined with spiritual symbols are really an eyecatcher and a welcomed contrast to the often dreary cityscape.

Did you know

the Bhavacakra symbolizes the cyclic existence and helps to understand Buddhist teachings.

Learn here about the Buddha Footprint.

Om or Aum  is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Indian religions. It signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness.

Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple


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