Baggy Sweatpants


Baggy Sweatants with Buddhist Symbols Om Dharmachakra Foot of Buddha and floral Patterns Print on the side Pockets

Baggy Sweatpants Measurements:

The baggy sweatpants are unisex one size fits most but they fit best for taller women and males with a normal body stature. The model on the photo is an about 6 feet male.

The drawstring closure provides a flexible waist so you can always adjust it as tight as you want. Thanks to adjustable leg straps the pants can als be worn in Capri length.

✅ Measurements: Waist (circumference): 24-38 inches. Hips: 41 inches. Total pants length: 42 inches. Inseam: 28 inches. Made in Thailand

Who and how?

The baggy sweatpants are manufactured by a Bangkok based manufacturer.

They are infamous for their bohemian style clothes which often feature religious (Buddhism) and spiritual themes.

The pants are made of relatively heavy, sturdy cotton mix fabric which gives it a filigree stripe pattern look.

  • perfect for occasions where loose fit is a must
  • super comfortable to wear
  • perfect casual pants or for relaxing and meditation
  • sturdy cotton mix fabric


What makes these baggy sweatpants great?

This baggy sweatpants are comfortable to wear with there loose fit.

The pocket is decorated with various spiritual and religious symbols like the infamous Om (associated with concepts of “cosmic sound” or “mystical syllable” or “affirmation to

something divine”) ?, the Dharmachakra (representing Buddha‘s teaching and the universal moral order) and Buddha’s footprints symbolizing Buddha’s connection with the earth. The symbols

are outlined with beautiful, floral style patterns.

Where do they fit?

Stand out of the masses with these baggy sweatpants.

They are a beautiful complement to your hippie, boho wardrobe and a capable partner with all your outdoor activities no matter if you like to skate, free-run or dancing.

This is an eye-catcher on your next Psy-Trance Festival, the next Drum and Bass Rave or Burning Man Like Hippie Steampunk Festivals.

They also cut a fine figure with all your spiritual activities be it meditation, autogenic training, pilates or yoga.

We would like to clarify that we understand the teachings of Buddha less in a religious context than as a universal moral guideline or recommendation. You don’t have to be

a Buddhist to wear these symbols and we don’t think it is wrong to wear them just because you like the design. After all many of those symbols are adopted by Pop-Culture, the Psychedelic Trance,

Goa-Trance or Hippie-Trance scene for example.

We see it more as an invitation, not a must, to maybe get more into these topics.

Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Olive green, Purple


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