Thai Fisherman Pants Patchwork Size L

Thai fisherman pants patchwork limited Edition with 1 side pocket. All pants are unique. Please select your desired pattern from the color selection.

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Thai Fisherman Pants Patchwork Measurements:

Waist: 26.7 inches. Hips:56 inches; Pants length:44.5 inches; Inseam: 24 inches. Perfect for normal body sized man and taller women.

Model on the photo is about 6 feet.

Who and how?

The Thai Fisherman Pants Patchwork are made by “Baa Chumpee” and her staff in North Thailand. Every pants is unique but we made the extra mile to take a photo of every beautiful art piece.

The colors are vibrant and the the pants are real patchwork, made of small fabric remnants which is time consuming but flattering the final product. These are real authentic thai wrap pants at

it’s best.

What makes these pants great?

The style of the pants is incredible and you can be sure to get a real unique product here. Stand out with those masterpieces “Made in Thailand”.

Where do they fit?

Thai Pants are great for sauna, spa & meditation or all activities where loose fit is a must.

Enjoy the wide legs freedom on your next beach holiday or enjoy the “easy in easy out” pants on a lazy day on the sofa.

They are perfect for backpacking ? as they are uncomplicated to handle, easy to wash and dry fast. The wide legs ensure enough air

circulation so they feel comfortable even in hotter climate zones ☼ as cotton is well known to absorb even more moisture than cotton.

Care instructions:
Wash separately, machine wash delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

Slight color variations are possible due to different screen settings.


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